Hey, dudes and dudets

Hey, this is my first post in WordPress and I just wanted to anounce myself to all the people using this site. My name is Martin and I’m currently 27 years old. I live in Bulgaria which is a very small country in the asshole of the world, which can have its’ pros and cons. I’ve studied archaeology in the New Bulgarian University for some five or six years and I just want to share my thought on the state of education in my country and particulary in the above mentioned university. There were good and bad things about it, but in the end I think the bad outweighed the good, so I my next few posts will be about some things that quite disturbed me in the place that I study and after that may be I’ll share some nice things about my life and hopefully pleasant events that will continue to happen in the future.

That’s all from me for now, I hope you find my posts interesting to read.

Take care