The Scolarship

The New Bulgarian University offered scolarships for those of the students that currently held a score of more than 5.50 in their overall performance. As a result, I, Blondie and Ladybug went to see if we would qualify for a scolarship. It turned out that not all of us will be getting the scolarship – “That’s OK,” Ladybug said, “if only you get the scolarship, we’ll share it between the three of us.” When I asked her if she had won a scolarship before she started mumbling, while Blondie kept quiet because everyone knew she received a social scolarship a few years back. Still, she didn’t seem to mind.

I turned my papers for the scolarship a few weeks later and the secretary accepted them (without checking for my scores or anything else). And so, they let me apply for it.

After a few months I was wondering what has happened with the scolarship, so I called the university and the secretary responsible for the scolarships. It turned out that I didn’t qualify, because I didn’t have the right to apply – “You had good scores, too bad, but you haven’t finished your bachelor at the time of application, and there’s a rule that throws you out of the list,” the secretary said,”if you haven’t finished it.”

“That’s really too bad,” she went on, “you could write a complaint, but by now it’s already too late. There’s another boy who applied this way and couldn’t get his scolarship.”

Refering to another person to prove her point (without me asking her) was very strange and it made me wonder if such a rule exists at all.

It’s still a mystery to me why did they let me apply in the first place, if I didn’t meet all the prerequisite criteria for the scolarship.


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