Archaeologists in Bulgaria

Archaeologists in Bulgaria can be divided into three groups: mammals, dinosaurs, and fossils.

Mammals are small, but fast and work hard. Some dream to become dinosaurs themselves while others don’t care or hope never to be one. They  have to be careful not be stomped by a dinosaur’s feet, so most mammals are always vigilant of what a dinosaur might do. Because of this, a lot of mammals live in constant fear of what a dinosaur might say or think about them.

Dinosaurs are heavy and slow, but they are big and famous. Most of their accomplishments they owe to the mammals, but they try to acknowledge this as little as possible. Like true dinosaurs, they have a lot of free time, which they spend trying to eat or drink a lot. They also like long walks in nature. Nobody is above the dinosaurs physically or intellectually except the fossils. On the slightest hint of a mammal’s uprising (especially intellectually) dinosaurs will stomp them with their feet.

Fossils are the highest order of archaeologists (they are usually professors). Like true fossils, their most important job is to sit in a corner and do nothing – but fossils should be respected!

Dinosaurs sooner or later turn into fossils (some view it as their ultimate goal), but the difference between the two is only slight and superficial.


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