Big Guy and Rusty

I had a subject on some Thracian stuff during my third year of study at the New Bulgarian University. I wasn’t attending the lectures very much, so at a certain point in time, I decided that I should go and the university a visit.

When I entered the classroom there were only Big Guy and the lecturer there. I greeted them politely (I think) and sat down to listen to the lecture. Big Guy seemed to be more interested in me than the lecture as if with me entering the room the topic suddenly changed.

I pretended not to notice what Big Guy was saying, or trying to do, but that seemed to aggravate him all the more. He typed “pussy”, “vagina”, or something of the sort (connected with the female reproductive organ) into Google on the computer near him and clicked on Images. “Hey, Martin, this is for you,” Big Guy said.

The lecturer laughed nervously but didn’t do anything¬† to stop him, except that he said “he’s not into this sort of things”, or something of the matter, and tried to continue with the lecture.

Big Guy kept on showing me his pictures until I stood up and made a run for it. Big Guy shouted something like “Wait!” as I exited, but I was already closing the door behind me.

Anyway, I’m not sure that he really knows why what he was trying to do worked. It wasn’t the content that disturbed me, but the repetition of the same thing over and over, again and again.




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