The Ladybug and The Professor

The Professor was the director of the archaeological department at the New Bulgarian University. At first, I thought The Professor OK, he professed all these values and stuff, but if you looked closer you would see how he contradicted them. Sometimes you  didn’t even need to look closely to see that there’s something fishy going on. For the times it was obvious he apologized, but for the other occasions, he pretended that there’s nothing wrong (maybe he thought there really wasn’t anything wrong?).

So, one beautiful day I made a presentation about Göbekli Tepe (an archaeological site in the Near East) in a lecture that the Professor was teaching. He told me something of the sort that he liked it very much and that with materials from my lecture I and Ladybug (together with materials from her?) can make one joint presentation on a broader subject to give to a broader audience in some other course the Professor was having. I was a little leery because very little of what the people at the university promised came to fruition, the other fact being Ladybug’s suspicious morale, but I agreed.

Time passed, but there was no further talk about supposed “joint operation” – something made me remember it, though. There was some talk on the topic of Göbekli Tepe on another lecture later that year and as we were talking Ladybug was looking at some images on her computer, images from a presentation she had made. As she was scrolling past them an image from my presentation appeared and when Ladybug realised I maybe looking at the same thing it took her only seconds to nervously close her presentation (obviously in the hopes of me not realizing). The image had a bad resolution which often happens when you copy a slide with an image from another presentation. I had given links to the sources for my presentation at the end of it, so I thought it funny that they haven’t even gone through the effort of using them. The resources were free to use, but once I had given my presentation to The Professor he had absolutely no right to give it to another student, or use it, without asking me first. So it kind of got me thinking what gave them the right to do whatever the hell they want. Was it stupidity, divine rights, academic prestige, or just clean arrogance?

Whatever it was allowing for special rights to be given to students, and allowing for some select body of students to have some academic advantages is definitely not the way to go, not in the 21st century at least. I’m sure with communism things were different, but may, for them they stayed the same. I have this all-encompassing theory that you can explain every stupid mistake  a person makes with communism, but does stupidity need an academic figure or a political ideology?

P.S. Of course, it’s not stupid if people never find about it.


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