I read the beginning of a book about Atilla a while ago. It said that medieval authors viewed him as bloodthirsty and  gruesome just because they wanted to downscale greatness of his achievements.

When I imply that some of my teachers at the New Bulgarian University were hypocritical and so forth it comes pretty close to cyber bullying, but I’m not doing this because I want to downscale their academic achievement, surely there must have been some. I’m doing this because a lot of students have been hurt because of the policy that the people at the department of archeology at the New Bulgarian University keep. There have been secret meetings determining which student should go to wich “prestigious” archeologic site, teachers trying to play footsie under the table (literally) with students from the female gender without their consent, taking one student’s work and giving it to another to present, of course without the consent of the former, straightforward abuse of (and snapping at) students, giving special privileges to students, unprofessional teaching and working behaviour, the list goes on and on.Thanks to their mob mentality and

Thanks to their mob mentality and groupthink (or maybe a complete lack of shame?) the teachers, of course, remained completely oblivious to their student’s problems and needs. It’s not that bad if it’s not happening to me, right?

What I’m trying to say is that there should be a radical change in the department of archaeology at the New Bulgarian University, or otherwise, students will continue to use it as a platform for enlisting to other programs. The few that don’t use it as such will drop out some midterm, either to visit a mental institution, try purchasing a firearm, or go hang from a bridge somewhere.

Until that change happens the department of archaeology at the New Bulgarian University will remain the place most similar to the Aokigahara forest in Japan.