2015 – the worst year of my life?

So, what made 2015 so special?

There was that time at the beginning of the year where my dog almost died and I had to carry it up and down the stairs on my hands just to take her out to pee (wasn’t the elevator working?).

At the same time there was the possibility of my sister being sewed about something she had no part of but in the end she wasn’t.

My dad had to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic again but after he started taking medications everything got better for awhile.

Later in the year while I was away it turned out that our dog had to be put down because she was too old. On the day after my dog got put down my grandmother died.

At that point I went back home. I wasn’t feeling much, just a hint of something like a very deep emptiness at the very bottom of which there maybe was sadness. But I never got to that bottom, I only floated on the surface.

Not much happened that year.


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