The difference between Bulgaria and other countries

The difference between Bulgaria and other countries is a very simple and yet a fundamental one. While some countries actually try to make the lives of their citizens easier by legislating laws that promote equality and freedom of speech, Bulgarian politicians try to legislate nonsense laws that will ensure higher taxation on the people that have less money to support themselves. They do this in order to pay off the national debts caused by the very own politician’s moronic rulership. So a closed circle emerges – the less intelligent “the ruling class” gets, the more people will be taxed on it. I think there should be a “country governed by idiots” prize for every middle-class or lower class citizen of that country, so he or she could manage the recklessness of the people above him.


Climbing The Wall

Climbing a wall is an objective reality – either you climb the wall or you don’t, it all comes to your personal abilities.  This wall is made of little steps, each one is easy to make but you can’t climb the wall all at once from the first time.

In essence, a person has to be that wall for others. You have to guide them through each individual step so that in the end he will be satisfied with what he has achieved. You don’t have to be the one who pushes him up or drags him down, you just have to be the wall. Being the wall is not easy – you have to be there when the person needs to take another step, every time.

To be the wall is a selfish act, you have to realize that you’re not doing this to become the greatest wall that has ever lived but to be the thing that has made someone come out of the other side. You must be that person for as many people as you can and with time maybe you’ll also acquire a different life perspective. Then being the wall will be the most natural thing for you. When other want to be like you, you’ll have to teach them about the little steps that have to be taken and thought to be the wall.

At the end, it maybe so that nobody remembers you but you’ll remember every person that you’ve been there